Your Independent Toddler

Discover how much easier life can be when we encourage our kids to be more independent. Yes, really!


A 10-week group course


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This course will teach you everything you need to know about the basic principles of Montessori and give you helpful and practical advice to move forward with. The toddler years can be challenging but they are also a crucial opportunity to develop resilience, confidence, connection and, ultimately, independence.





  • How to manage and nurture your child’s independence and

       make it work for the whole household

  • How to alter your child’s play space to suit their needs

  • How to manage tantrums and navigate the terrible twos with

       ease and positivity

  • How to create engaging but simple activities at home for your

       toddler – all while deepening the bond with your child along the way!

  • A detailed overview of the principles of Montessori at toddler age

       and their developmental stages


We know that real change starts with us – we are the parents after all. This means there will be some personal reflections and an opportunity for self-growth too. Emma will coach and support you throughout this and remember, she is a parent too - no subject is out of bounds and she creates a safe and open space in all her courses.


Like the sound of it? Great! Emma would love to have you on board. Find full course details below and follow the links to book.



  • The interactive course will run for 10 weeks online via Member Vault commencing [DATE TBA]

  • Access from [DATE TBA] (pre-work)

  • Interactive course starts with Module 1 for 4 weeks

  • An interval on Week 5 where we will revisit some of the content and you'll have the opportunity to catch up

  • Interactive course continues with Module 3 for the final 4 weeks

  • You'll get lifetime access to the course content

  • Downloadable course notes

  • A printable workbook

  • Supporting research and articles

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group

  • My support and guidance throughout the 10 weeks

  • Weekly online Q&A for the 10-week course duration

Find out more about the course modules HERE.

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For parents that want extra guidance and personalised support.


  • The full signature course that is detailed above (worth £396)

  • Seven 60 minute 1:1 calls scheduled fortnightly (worth £1750)

  • Strategies and techniques emailed to you within 48 hours of each call

  • Three months of my expertise available to you in between with regular check-ins via WhatsApp..

  • Tailored support to help you embed the changes you want to make

  • Goal setting and accountability

  • £50 goodie box delivered to your door

Value: £2200

PRICE: £1250 - only one spot available

Deposit £350 then 3 or 6 monthly instalments to complete the balance.


For parents that are self motivated and want to join a community of like-minded parents.


  • The full signature course as detailed above (worth £396)

  • A free 30 minute 1:1 consultation with Emma (worth £130)

  • £25 goodie box delivered to your door

Value: Over £550

PRICE: £447 - up to 9 spots available

Deposit £87 then 3 or 6 monthly instalments to complete the balance.

The cheapest way to join the course.


  • The full signature course as detailed above

  • No extras included in this one

PRICE: £396 - up to 9 spots available

Deposit £87 then 3 or 6 monthly instalments to complete the balance


  • Module One: P is for Perception and Connection​​

This first module is all about mindset. I'll teach you about what to expect when it comes to dealing with your toddler, so you can feel confident allowing them more freedom.

  • Module Two: L is for Learning from You

In module two you'll discover all there is to know about why toddlers behave in the way they do and what you can do to support them through probably the most vital phase of their development.

  • Module Three: A is for Ace Your Space

In three thorough lessons, I'll teach you how to set up you play and practical spaces in order to support your child's craving for independence.

  • Module Four: Y is for Yo-yoing Emotions

Module four aims to help you manage tantrums with ease and positivity, gently helping your child to process their emotions with your love and support.

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Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! I understand how tough times have been for many families over the last year and I don't want anyone missing out because they are worried about money. Depending on which booking option you go for, you can spread the cost to as little as £51.50 per month. Choose what suits you best. If that still doesn't work for you though and you really want to do the course, please let me know, as I'm always happy to help where I can.

I don’t have a huge amount of time. Is it flexible?
Yep totally. All the content is self directed. You'll have access to each new module on a Friday morning and then I'll host the Q&A on the following Thursday evening. You choose when to listen in to the content and all the course notes will be there to download, so you won’t need to remember it all. Each content video lasts around 30-45 minutes (there are one or two longer ones) and you’ll have about 30-45 mins extra on top for completing additional tasks each week. Our weekly Q&A sessions last around 45 minutes via Zoom.


How much access do we get to you?

So much! No matter which booking option you choose, I'm available regularly through an exclusive Facebook group as well as via our weekly Q&A sessions. And if you choose the VIP option I'm available to you continually for 12 full weeks as well!

I'm not sure now is the right time. Will you run the course again?
Yes probably! I haven’t really thought that far ahead yet but I’d love to run it again in the future. I want you to know though, that this course isn’t here to add more to your plate, it’s here to support you! You’ll learn loads and I’ll be there to guide and support you throughout. But you know... there’s never a “right” time to do anything. With our kids, time is of the essence. They’re changing and developing rapidly, so getting your head wrapped around their development sooner rather than later will be much more beneficial for the whole family.

My child isn’t a toddler yet. Is it still for me?
Well it won’t be long and they’ll be toddling. Getting your head around what’s to come can only be a good thing! The great thing about the course is that you have lifetime access to the content, meaning you can’t revisit as your child grows and changes and you can apply everything you have learned to any subsequent children you may go on to have.

I feel like I’ll need some additional support. Do you offer that too?
Yep! If you need some accountability or you want to chat to me regularly throughout the course I'll happily accommodate that with the VIP 1:1 option. Click HERE to read more.

How do I sign up?!
Hit the link below and choose your booking option. There you can see all the payment plans available and a reminder of what’s included. 

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“I just want to say a HUGE thank you Emma. Before the course I felt so lost and unable to deal with my little ones big emotions but was so desperate to support them…and that’s exactly what this course has given me.”

- Sam W, parent and past attendee of Your Independent Toddler



what people

"Emma has literally changed my life. It was her passion and excitement for the course that made me book on - at a point where I felt like I was drowning trying to juggle a toddler and a new born. 4 weeks on and I feel like a totally different person... I feel like I understand her so much more which makes every situation so much easier to handle and it's so empowering to finally feel like I know what I'm doing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Emma you are amazing."

—  Sam, parent and participant of Your Independent Toddler May 2020