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grow happy

Offering online parent training and workshops in small groups and 1-1; our unique holistic education hub offers various activities that are specifically designed to encourage each and every child’s growth.


Welcoming all parents of children aged 0 months to 6-years.


Here at Monty’s Play Hub, we take everything we know and love about Montessori and combine it with lived experience and modern life.


Merging Montessori with outstanding teaching experience, we educate and support parents, whilst giving children the space and freedom to grow happy.


We aim to empower parents to gain a true understanding of their children's developmental needs and tap into their natural curiosity through cooperative play and creative activities.


We honestly believe that when kids are free to explore, they reach their social, emotional and physical milestones naturally and with ease.


Monty’s Play Hub has an acute knowledge of early years development and a supportive and respectful approach to sharing that knowledge with you.


We are founded by Emma Huggett, former Primary School Teacher, winner of an outstanding teacher award, proud home-educator, and experienced Montessori practitioner.



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Founder of Monty's Play Hub

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