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mixed monty's

0-6 years

Come and join us for a special hour-long Montessori inspired play session, for all ages!

Children are encouraged to freely explore the beautiful wooden toys, books and Montessori materials, all specially selected to support your child’s cognitive development, whilst you sit back and enjoy a few minutes peace and chat with likeminded parents.

We also bring along our mini Montessori kitchen so your little ones can make their own snack and drink!

Mixed Monty's is designed to be a calming and engaging session for all participants and is ideal for siblings of mixed ages.


For babies:
🧸 Montessori visual mobiles and tactile toys to keep their little brains and hands busy, promoting hand-eye coordination and freedom to discover.

For toddlers:
🌍 Learn about the world with real life equipment to explore and exciting small world play, promoting language development and early mathematics skills.

For preschoolers and early years:
⭐️ Tap into their curiosity and explore the beautiful Montessori numbers and letters materials as well as creative fine motor activities to aid pre-writing.

For parents:
☕️ A hot cuppa of choice, a friendly community of likeminded parents.

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