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meet emma

Emma Huggett established Monty’s Play Hub (formerly the Organic Learning Hub) in spring 2019 and has quickly taken it from strength to strength.

What began life as a weekly local class in her hometown of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, now has a worldwide online presence and is open to parents everywhere.


Emma develops and hosts practical online classes, packed full of Montessori-inspired learning and game-changing advice. Her various programmes take parents on a reflective and educational journey and culminate in problem-solving methods that promise a real and noticeable shift in your child’s behaviour and your attitude and reaction to it.


Using her extensive childcare knowledge and over a decade of teaching experience, Emma established Monty’s Play Hub not just because she wanted to make a difference but because she absolutely knew she could.


As well as her revered professional achievements, Emma is also a hands-on parent and home-educator of her own two children, aged two and six.


“Above all else, my job is to help parents understand their toddler better so that they can parent confidently and create a happy and loving household, free of stress.” – Emma Huggett, founder of Monty’s Play Hub


Find out how Monty’s Play Hub can help you and your family grow happy -


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