Your Independent Toddler

Discover how much easier life can be when we encourage our kids to be more independent. No, really!


A 6-week course, commencing with pre-work

on Monday 3rd August and completing with a 'catch-up' week.

Price: £177*

Payment plans are available - choose from 3, 6 or 10 equal monthly payments.

*Please note the early-bird price ended on Sunday 26th July 2020


This course will teach you everything you need to know about the basic principles of Montessori and give you helpful and practical advice to move forward with. The toddler years can be challenging but they are also a crucial opportunity to develop resilience, confidence, connection and, ultimately, independence.



  • How to manage and nurture your child’s independence and

       make it work for the whole household

  • How to alter your child’s play space to suit their needs

  • How to manage tantrums and navigate the terrible twos with

       ease and positivity

  • How to create engaging but simple activities at home for your

       toddler – all while deepening the bond with your child along the way!

  • A detailed overview of the principles of Montessori at toddler age and their developmental stages


We know that real change starts with us – we are the parents after all. This means there will be some personal reflections and an opportunity for self-growth too. Emma will coach and support you throughout this and remember, she is a parent too - no subject is out of bounds and she creates a safe and open space in all her courses.


Like the sound of it? Great! Emma would love to have you on board. Find full course details below and follow the links to book.






  • The interactive course will run for four weeks online via Member Vault. However, there is also a week of essential pre-work, commencing 3rd August and a final . This means the total length of the course is 6 weeks.

  • Access from Monday 3rd August 2020 (pre-work)

  • Interactive course starts with Module 1 on 10th August for 4 weeks

  • You'll get lifetime access to the course content

  • Downloadable course notes

  • A printable workbook

  • Supporting research and articles

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group

  • My support and guidance throughout the 4 weeks

  • Weekly online Q&A for the 4-week course duration

  • A free 30 minute 1:1 consultation worth £45.

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“I just want to say a HUGE thank you Emma. Before the course I felt so lost and unable to deal with my little ones big emotions but was so desperate to support them…and that’s exactly what this course has given me.”

- Parent and past attendee of Your Independent Toddler

what people

"Emma has literally changed my life. It was her passion and excitement for the course that made me book on - at a point where I felt like I was drowning trying to juggle a toddler and a new born. 4 weeks on and I feel like a totally different person... I feel like I understand her so much more which makes every situation so much easier to handle and it's so empowering to finally feel like I know what I'm doing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Emma you are amazing."

—  Sam, parent and participant of Your Independent Toddler May 2020

Phonics for Parents



Learning to read isn't taught in the same way anymore. If you were born before 2000, its really likely you'd have learned to read using the whole language method.

Now though, phonics is where it is at! It has been proven to increase progression in reading by one year on average.

As parents, supporting our children with reading can feel overwhelming and a bit of a minefield.

The Phonics for Parents course is a really easy to digest, simple way of  getting your head around how your child will learn to read.


The course goes over:

  • How to say sounds correctly.

  • Breaking down new words.

  • Progression of sounds to words to sentences.

And includes:

  • Lifetime access to the course content, to be watched at your leisure. Each video is 30 minutes long.

  • A set of course notes emailed to you weekly (3 weeks).

  • A huge pack of printable resources to download (including word cards, sound cards, a progression guide and more, worth £24).

  • Access to the community group

  • BONUS - Phonics books guide

  • BONUS - Toys and games guide


Course value: SALE £35 (Usually £59)

Get ahead and feel confident!

Montessori Masterclasses


For Montessori beginners, I'll talk you through the basics, give you some insight into the method and help you to begin making changes at home!


For parents of babies and toddlers that already know the basics, I'll talk through how to hone in your observation skills, provide the perfect environment for your little one whilst allowing them as much independence as possible,



For parents of preschoolers and young children, that know the basics of Montessori, I'll talk through how to manage your child's behaviour, setting up your environment for them and helping them move through to the second phase of development.


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