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busy monty's

12-30 months

Hey little one, come in and explore with Montysaurus!

Busy Monty’s is a 1 hour Montessori-inspired free play session by Emma: parental guide, toddler specialist and qualified teacher.

A calming developmental play session for toddlers ages 1-2.5 years, designed specifically to promote independence, tap into your toddler's natural sense of curiosity and build on their cognition. It’s more than just a toddler group.


🌍 Learn about the world

❤️ Sensory play
👀 Real life equipment to freely explore
🍏 Prepare a snack and drink independently
🗣 Promoting language development and early mathematics skills
🧸 Beautiful wooden toys, books and Montessori materials
🧠 Activities specially selected for cognitive development
👶🏽 Gain independence through practical life activities



Sit back with a hot drink, enjoy a few minutes peace and chat with likeminded parents.

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