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Parent and Child Classes


BABY PLAY COURSE (0-6 months)


Baby Play is a brand new 5 week course for parents and babies aged 0-6 months, designed and led by Emma: parental guide, Montessori specialist and qualified teacher.

This course aims to teach you all there is to know about your baby's brain, movement and sensory development whilst getting a taste for the Montessori baby materials and toys, specially selected to nurture your baby's natural will to discover.


MINI MONTY'S (4-12 months)


Mini Monty’s (formerly Hatchlings) is a weekly developmental play class for parents and babies aged 4-12 months designed and led by qualified teacher and child development and Montessori specialist, Emma.

We create a calming yet stimulating environment for parents and babies alike. This class is a wonderful follow on from our 5 week course Baby Play.


BUSY MONTY'S (12-30 months)

Busy Monty’s (formerly Nestlings) is a 1 hour Montessori-inspired play session for toddlers. A calming, developmentally appropriate play session, designed specifically to promote independence, tap into your toddler's natural sense of curiosity and build on their cognition. 

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MIXED MONTY'S (0-6 years)

Mixed Monty is designed to be a calming and engaging session for all participants and is ideal for siblings of mixed ages.

Children are encouraged to freely explore the beautiful wooden toys, books and Montessori materials, all specially selected to support your child’s cognitive development, whilst you sit back and enjoy a few minutes peace and chat with likeminded parents.

Sibling Classes
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