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Christmas Christmas Christmas! Guest Blog by Jayne Clark-Denyer of Organically Epic

Christmas Christmas Christmas. 

Every year it starts getting marketed earlier and earlier, sending us in a panic about who to get what, how to make it magical, who’s coming for Christmas dinner and will you all get along.

I hear you, it’s a minefield.  Families eh?

The need to spend a small fortune on the children is strong.  But back up a bit, is it necessary?  

Unlikely.  Children, much like adults, appreciate thoughtful gifts and if your children are anything like mine, they are becoming more aware of the world around us, of their impact and what they can do to help.  

So how about this year, you make a pact with yourself, and your family if necessary, that you’re going to think more sustainably, more eco if you will.

I follow a lot of organic and natural brands as well as influencers that I adore on Instagram and there’s this fab little ditty going about this year that says the following;

Want Need Wear Read

It’s wonderful isn’t it?  Get your children something they want, something they need, something they wear and something to read.

Something I’m firmly going to be implementing this year, my children get so many wonderful gifts from family and friends, if we can keep it things to a minimum we will be significantly lowering our carbon footprint.  What’s not to love about that??

With this in mind, I have 5 key ways to shop this Christmas that’ll help you get unique, one of a kind presents that are kind to the earth and also, in some cases, kinder to your wallet as well.

1. Shop locally, by avoiding the big guys you’ll be putting less cash into tax avoiders and more cash into your local economy and making a small businesses day in doing so!

Local shops can include small local toy shops, clothing boutiques, furniture shops, the list is endless in any small town, you’ll be shocked at the amount of local artisans you’ve been missing who are right under your fingertips. There are even high end children’s boutiques that offer preloved children’s clothing and toys at a fraction of the original price.

2. Charity shops.  Don’t dismiss it.  Local charity shops can be a literal treasure trove of preloved items that still have lots of love in them to give back.  Everything from retro clothing, wooden toys, wooden furniture for the children and jewellery, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

3. Selling sites on Facebook are definitely the way to go when looking for preloved toys.  Super easy to use but you do have to keep on top of it and jump on a post if you’re interested, much wanted items go super fast!

4. Experiences.  An experience instead of a physical gift can be such a thoughtful idea if your little one has been gagging to go somewhere that you haven’t been, have a lesson or set of less0ons for a new skill.  My Mum bought my daughter a rock climbing lesson for her birthday once, she was so excited it was beyond amazing watching her experience it on the day.

5. Charity.  Who else remembers getting the gift of WWF sponsorship of an elephant or tiger for a Christmas present when they were young?  I do.  And I loved it!  What does your child love? What cause would they be so proud to help?  I bet they do monthly or yearly sponsorship for it.

Christmas Stockings

I’m a sucker for Christmas stocking! Top reduced waste tip,don’t fill it with plastic tat.  Please.  Go for small wooden toys and items that the children need like slippers, pj’s, toiletries, perhaps some chocolates or sweet treats, a book or two, puzzles and games.  Our children’s toothbrushes make excellent stocking fillers as well.  They also open up the conversation with our children as to why are they bamboo and how are they good for your teeth as well as the planet.

See, there’s so much I could go on forever!

Make this year your year to go reduced waste and up your eco creds with the kiddies!

And if you do fancy our children’s bamboo toothbrushes as a stocking filler, head on over to

Jayne Clark-Denyer

Owner of Organically Epic

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