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Creating with Kiwico - Kiwi Crate

Recently we were lucky enough to be sent a couple of KiwiCo crates to test out, so Carly got stuck in with her 6 year old and the Kiwi crate.

Here's what they thought!

Carly & Leonardo - Kiwi Crate

We were very keen to get this box open; my son, who is 6, loves drawing and creating things and I was interested to see how we could create something decent from this little box.

I found the instructions very user friendly with clear pictures for each stage of building and my son could follow it step by step too. Some parts were a little fiddly so I did give some assistance, but I think this is down to dexterity rather than it not being suitable. In fact, activities like this are ideal for my song to improve on his fine motor skills.

The box we received was to make an arcade claw game, it contained the parts to make a wooden claw and then some pom pom monsters to grab. It probably took us about half an hour to make the claw and my son was so excited with the end result he went exploring to see what he could grab, rather than make the pom poms.

To be honest we didn't make the pom poms at all, but I am planning on saving that to make with my daughter on another occasion, so actually we got two activities out of this.

I was impressed with the overall quality of the product and how we managed to make a toy passable for any toy store shelf - so the children get a fully working toy but having had the satisfaction of building it themselves.

I would definitely recommend the Kiwi Crate as it was straightforward yet challenging enough to keep the cleverest of minds occupied (especially during the school holidays).

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