My Baby is Going to School

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

From midnight tonight thousands of parents around the country will be logging on to their council's online schools portal to find out what school their little ones have been allocated for September.

We are amongst them! My son Reid, and Carly's daughter, Robyn, will both be given school places tomorrow.

Some of you may feel excited, some fretful, some relaxed or indifferent.

I'm the latter. My husband and I chose two schools for Reid, both equally good, and both we'd be equally as happy to send him to. We have also considered homeschooling as an option, so for me, I'm feeling relaxed, safe in the knowledge that what ever will be will be.

But for other parents, that little email pinging into their inbox in the morning will be sure to bring feelings of angst and worry. And if you're one of the ones that doesn't get the place you hoped for, please be reassured that there are options.

Firstly, don't completely discount the place your child has been given, It may not have been your first choice, or any of your choices, but take the opportunity to find out about the school, have a look round, speak to the staff or seek out other parents and try to get a feel for the school that your child has been allocated. It might surprise you!

However, if you decide that the school your child has been placed at is not the one for you, then appeal! It doesn't bring any guarantees but it could be an option. Take a look at this useful info from the Government website for more about appealing a schools decision.

But it is worth knowing that your child doesn't have to attend any formal educational setting until the term after they turn five. So if you didn't get the place you wanted, contact the school you have been allocated and explain that you'd like to defer your child's entry. This could buy you a little time to get a place at the school you do want. Find out more here.

If, like me, you have considered home educating but applied to school anyway, you'll know that you can decline your place at any time, simply by sending a letter to the Head Teacher. If home education appeals to you but you don't know much about it, there are plenty of groups on Facebook that can give you more information on how to go about it. Be mindful that councils are keen to keep in contact with parents that choose to home educate, and whilst you are free to choose to decline any contact with them, I would recommend that you keep the conversation with them open and relaxed. After all, if there is nothing to hide, then there is nothing to be afraid of.

What ever the outcome tomorrow, we wish you and your babies all the best of luck!

By Emma Huggett

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