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Helping you become the calm in the chaos.

Behaviour, Montessori, Cognitive Development

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Meet your guide, Emma

Raising kids is challenging. It's tough to keep your cool when you're doing all the things and you haven't got so much as time to pee, let alone play happily with your kids.


It feels easier to stick the TV on than to be a slave to their commands, but the guilt that comes with it can make you feel anxious and panicked. It's not your fault! Parents are put under extreme pressure to raise good kids whilst juggling it all.



1:1 Client

"[Before working with Emma] I was struggling, I was frustrated, I wanted to approach motherhood with gentleness, kindness and calm... I needed support and I just didn’t know who to turn to... The changes in my parenting, my relationships (with my son and others), my confidence, trust in my ability, my mood are truly astonishing. [My son's] tantrums last a quarter of the time these days, as I now support him, understand him and comfort him."


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